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The Use of Fishbone Method to improve the students’writing skills


SUBAEDAH, 2011.Teaching writing skill inImproving the students’ writing skills through Fishbone Method (A Classroom Action Research in Class XI Sepeda Motor of SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Bontoala, Makassar). Guided by H.M. BasriDalleand RosmalaDewi.
            This research aimed to find out the improving the students’ writing skillsthrough Fishbone Method( A Classroom Action Research in Class XI Sepeda Motor of SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Bontoala, Makassar)The researcher questions of the research are:“How does the implementation of Fishbone Method improve the students’ writing skills at the second year students of SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Bontoala, Makassar?How is the improvement of the students’ writing content through Fishbone Method? And, How is the improvement of the students’ writing organization through Fishbone Method?”The researcher used A Classroom Action Research (CAR).
 Two cycles had been conducted, where each cycle consisted of four meetings. It employed writing test as instrument. A number of subjects of the research were 36 students in class XI Sepeda Motor conducted of the whole men. The researcher conducted a diagnostic test before implementation to know the students’ writingskills.
            The results of the student's writing test in cycle 1 and cycle 2 hadincreased in different scores.  There was increasingby students at the end action of second cycle. The research findings indicated that use ofFishbone method could increase the students’ writing skills. The means scores of descriptive in diagnostic test was 4.99 became6.15 in cycle 1, and after revision in the cycle 2 the mean score in cycle 2 was 7.59 by implemented of descriptive text. Therefore the improvement of descriptive text in cycle 1to descriptive text in cycle 2was23.45%.Meanwhile the successful of minimal criteria (KKM) was 7.0. In cycle 1 only 5 (13.89%) students achieved the successful minimal criteria but the other (86.11%) didn’t achieve the teacher target. In cycle 2 there was 1 student (2.78%) got very good, and 35 (97.2%) got good. It means that the teacher could achieved the target became 7.0.



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