The Effectiveness of Using SMART Strategy in Reading Comprehension of second grade


The Effectiveness of Using SMART Strategy in Reading Comprehension of second grade Students



This  chapter  discusses  about background  of the  research,  research problems, objectives  of  the  research, research  hypothesis,  significance of  the research, scope and limitation of the research, definition of key terms.

A. Background of the Research

English is one of international languages which has an important role in  the  world.  In  Indonesia,  English  is a  foreign  language  that  is  taught  from elementary  school  to  University.  English  is  a  foreign  language  used  as  a medium of instruction at school, many students think that English is the most difficult subject.

The  goal  of  teaching  and  learning  English is to  produce  and comprehend  language that are  spoken  and  written.  Some  people  think  that  a successful  English  learner  is  a  person  who  can  speak  English  fluently.  They do not know that a person who is said a success English learners is a person who masters in all of English skills.

There  are  four  skills  in  English,  they  are  speaking,  writing,  listening and reading. One of the language skills that has to be mastered by students in learning a foreign language is reading skill. It is very important in the process of  learning  because  reading  in  English  helps  the  students  learn  to  think  in English,  build  English  vocabulary, can  encourage  the  students  to  focus  on grammar and punctuation and makes them comfortable in English. Day and  Bamford  (1998:12)  stated  that  reading  is  construction  of meaning  from  a  printed  or  written  message.  The  construction  of  meaning involves  the  reader  connecting  information  from  the  written  message  with previous knowledge to arrive at meaning at an understanding.

According  to  Day  and  Bamford,  reading  is  process  of  constructing meaning from written text through the interaction of the reader’s knowledge and  the  reader’s  interpretation  of  the  languange  that  the  writer  used  in constructing the text. Reading is about understanding  written texts.  It is a complex activity related  processess:  word  recognition  and  comprehension.  Word  recognition refers  to  the  process  of  perceiving  how  written  symbols  correspond  to  one’s spoken language. Meanwhile, comprehension is the process of making sense

words,  sentences  and  connected  texts.  Readers  typically  make  use  of  their background knowledge, vocabulary, grammatical knowledge, experience with the  text  and  other  strategies  to  help  them  understand  the  written  text (Cahyono, 2011:76). Reading comprehension as  an  active  process  a  reader  made  to construct  meaning  from  a  text.  This  process  which  consists  of  using  an interaction  between  a  prior  knowledge,  and  drawing  inferences  from  the different  words  and  expressions  the  writer  uses,  in  order  to  comprehend....................


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