An Error Analysis on the TRANSLATION of English Noun Phrases into Indonesian of the Fifth Semester Students of the English Department of Teacher Training and Education Faculty


An Error Analysis on the TRANSLATION of English Noun Phrases into Indonesian of the Fifth Semester Students of the English Department of Teacher Training and Education Faculty



A.  Background of the Study

Language  and  people  have  a  close  relationship  because  the  development and  growth  of  language  walk  together  with  the  development  of  people’s  lives. They  use  language  to  express  their  thoughts,  ideas,  feelings,  attitudes,  and experiences.  It  means  that  language  is  used  to  communicate  to  each  other.  As  a means of communication, language allows people to say things and express their communicative  needs.  Catford  (1964:  1)  defines  language  as  a  type  of  patterned human  behavior.  It  is  a  way,  perhaps  the  most  important  way,  in  which  human beings interact in his social situations. 

Language as a means of communication is very important, so people have to master it. As human and technology grow, it is impossible to fulfill all human needs without interacting  with other people  that have different social conditions, cultures, and of course, language. People must learn not only their mother tongue, a language which only functions in the family or area where they live, but also an international language used in international world, that is, English.

Related to its function as an international language, English plays  a  great role in the world. English has been stated to be used as an international language and  popular  to  the  countries  all  over  the  world.  It  is  used  even  as  a  national language  of  several  countries  in  the  world.  English  is  a  foreign  language  in Indonesia  and  it  is  very  important  in  the  globalization  era.  In  our  country, Indonesia  which  is  a  developing  country,  English  takes  even  a  more  important role.

People need English to reach  what modern countries have achieved such as  technology  and  science.  People  are  expected  to  be  proficient  in  both  written and spoken English. Therefore, people are encouraged to learn English, and even they  want  their  children  to  start  learning  English  from  early  ages  like  in  the kindergarten.  In  order  to  be  able  to  use  English,  we  should  learn  the  form language  skills  and  language  elements.  Language  skills  consist  of  reading, writing,  listening,  and  speaking.  Language  elements  consist  of  sound,  meaning, and rules.

Indonesian is our national language. It is used in our daily communication. Unfortunately, not all information has been covered in Indonesian yet. We need to get more information from books written in English. College students will get in touch  with  English  sentences  more  frequently  than  they  did  in  the  senior  high school.    That  is  why  translation  is  needed.  Translation  is  very  crucial  in  the process of exchanging information. Without translation, prospective scientists will be left behind in following the development of science, moreover if they lack the ability to read the foreign language text (Widyamartaya, 1989: 9).

Many  experts  have  translated  of  literary  works  in  Indonesian  version.  It means  that  the  people  who  do  not  understand  English  can  also  read  the  literary work  in  their  own  language.  To  make  a  good  translation  is  not  easy  for  the translators.  They  are  faced  by  many  problems  either  linguistic  or  non  linguistic. .......(Baca Selengkapnya)


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