Usage of Internet Technologies in Teaching and Learning

Usage of Internet Technologies in Teaching and Learning
Based on Khannanov (2003: 18) the successful activities: achievements defided in Information retrieval, ndividualized learning and teaching, Group learning and teaching via the Internet and ollaborative activities
a.        Information retrieval
One of the most important advantages of the Internet in the area of information inquiry is the increased accessibility of reference materials and data for all categories of users. the Internet is a truly open technology, allowing users with any hardware and software to derive the necessary information from the network, independentl from the location of data and knowledge bases. Thus, within the framework of national educational systems, inequality in distribution of information bases concentrated in big centres usually, is overcome.
b.      Individualized learning and teaching
With the network-oriented character of the Internet, giving some researchers the reason to consider it a mass-communication medium, we should not underestimate the prevalence and importance of the “person-to-person” type of communication on the Net. For a long time electronic mail has remained the only Internet application in education.
c.       Group learning and teaching via the Internet
An online lecture or presentation of teaching material published on the Net fully or partially (as a summary), becomes accessible to many learners. Therefore, the method of using Internet-applications in education (including potential multimedia of WWW), and computer and telecommunication technologies in many respects depends upon the shift of the education process attention toward a student
d.      Collaborative activities
The advantages provided by the Internet in organization of cooperation are predestined by the very nature of the Network. As it is known, the World Wide Web (WWW) was formed as an environment specifically designed for collaborative work on the documents by collectives of researchers territorially remote from each other. The further development of Internet technologies has given an opportunity for joint use and editing of textual materials, schedules, audio and video-sequences


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