The Realtionship of Motivation with National Examination

The Realtionship of Motivation with National Examination
Aouri and Zerhouni (2017: 54) Motivation involves the attitudes and affective states that influence the degree of effort that learners make to learn a second language. Therefore, motivation is a crucial factor in successful language learning.
Yulia (2013: 4) In  brief,  when  student  motivation  is good,  the  learning  achievement can  be  good as  well.  Both  intrinsic  and  extrinsic motivation  have  been  used  to  explain  the success  or  failure  to  fulfill  any  task.  In  the junior  high  school  context  in  Indonesia, students’ motivation could vary depending on  students’  perceptions  and  intention  of learning  a  foreign  language.  English  for example is one of the compulsory subjects to be taught at all levels of education. In junior high  school,  if  the  students  are  not  good  at English  for  the  national  examination, then  it is difficult for them to continue their studies to  senior  high  school,  though the students’ grades  are  based  on  both  the  national examination  (60  %)  and  the  school examination (40 %).


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