Level of Reading Comprehension

Level of Reading Comprehension
Level of Reading Comprehension

Pourkalhor & Kohan (2013: 54) Different  types  of  reading  comprehension  are  often  distinguished,  according  to  the  reader’s purposes in reading and the type of reading used. The following are commonly referred to:
a.       Literal  comprehension:  reading  in  order  to  understand,  remember,  or  recall the information explicitly contained in a passage.
b.      Informational  comprehension:  reading  in  order  to  find  information  which  is not explicitly stated in a passage, using the reader’s experience and intuition and by inferring,
c.       Critical  or  evaluative  comprehension:  reading  in  order  to  compare information in a passage with the reader’s own knowledge and values. 
d.      Appreciative  comprehension: reading  in order to gain an emotional or other kind of valued response from a passage.
Pettit. N. T. and Cockriel. I. W. (1974: 64) the majority of studies have found reading comprehension to be composed of two broad categories: Literal comprehension, inferential comprehension.
a.       Literal Comprehension
Literal reading refers to ideas and fact directly started or the printed page. Literal reading is the skill of getting the primary direct literal meaning of sentence in context the basic of literal comprehension are recognizing state ideas details, effect and sequence. The basic of literal comprehension are recognizing is fundamental to all reading skill at any levels because a reader must first understand what the author said.
b.      Interpretive or Inferential Comprehension
Interpretive reading is means read between the lines or making inferences. It is the process of deriving ideas that are implied rather than directly stated. This level demands higher level of thinking ability because the question in the category of interpretation are concerned with answer that are not directly stated in the text but are suggested or implied where the students make connections among individuals’ states ideas, make inferences, draw conclusion, read between the lines to get inferences, or implied meaning from the text.


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