Concept of Narrative Materials

Concept of Narrative  Materials
Wishon and Burks (1980:378-383) Narration is the form of writing used to relate the story of acts or events. It places occurrences in time and tells what happened according to natural time sequences. Types of narration include short stories, novels, and new stories, as well as large part of our everyday social interchange in the form of letters and conversation.
Concept of Narrative  Materials
Anita. (2009: 2) defines that narrative is the ability to tell a story, whether spoken or written, is a common and often complex form of communication. The primary purpose of narrative to describe an experience, event, or sequence of events in the form of a story and set the story up for your listener, describing the time, place, and your own involvement.
Sarbin (1986 : 9) also stresses the organizational aspect of narrative. The narrative is a way of organizing episodes, actions, and accounts of actions. It is an achievement that brings together mundane facts and fantastic creations; time and place are incorporated. The narrative allows for the inclusion of actors’ reasons for their acts, as well as the causes of happening.. Characteristics of Narrative


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