What are songs?
Ostojic, (1987:50) defines that song or music one of basic expressions of the human spirit that contains the unique meanings. His centimes that song can put forward different meanings (expressions), such as advise critics. Love, etc, as a matter of act, song has become one of the important part in English language teaching.
Song is a feeling, emotion and thought expressions in a – rhythm (Neville, 1981: 60). Song is a piece of music with words that are song (Webster Dictionary, 1989:273). Song is a kind of voice which  has rhythm  in it (Poewadarminta, 1976: 55).

The advanced learner’s dictionary (1963:958) defines song a short poem or number of verses set to music and intended to be sung.
From those definitions it can be concluder that song is a kind of literary works that is used to entertain people. We can conclude that song is a piece of music with words that intended to be sung. Living without song and music will make the world very lonely.
Why use song?
There some reasons of using in language learning given by Rost (1991: 23):
1)      Song has a great tender to attract the attention of people that other forms of mass media may lack.
2)      Students are often willing to learn to sing a song in a foreign language not fully understand or partially understand the meaning of words.
3)      Songs will give or share the students with amount of dramatic departure from the normal pattern that they can use in a brief moment of time.
4)      Songs introduce an atmosphere of gaiety, fun and informality in the classroom, which is far more conducive environment for language learning.
Songs can allow the students to have a great and whole participation during classroom takes process because at least all of the students will sing together.


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