Definition of Mind Mapping Strategy
Mind mapping is a technique for using a diagram  to make the students  to be working in small group and they represent words or ideas arranged around a key word  or idea to show how they are coonected. It typically takes the form of branches, like a tree or a network of words.
Mind maps make use of the human brain’s ability to associate detailed information with one single image or topic. For example, if asked to describe one ours friends, an image of our fiends would appear in your mind’s eye and we could describe in some depth their appearance.
Mind Mapping is a learning tool for ordering and structuring the thinking process of an individual or team working on a focused theme. Armbruster and Anderson (1982:204-205) state that Mind Mapping is a tool by which teacher and students can build a coherent model of the meaning of the text. it serves to involve students with the meaning of the text; it focuses their attention on text stucture; and it provides for the transformation of prose into diagramatic or visual representation.
Furthermore, they explain that the mapping technique incorporates the visual-spatial conventions for  diagramming idea and the nature of relationship between idea: concept and example, concept and defenition, temporal succession, cause and effect, condition and comparison.
Janet Townend and Martin Tuner  (2004:226) states mind mapping is an effective way of making the reader visualize and later remember what he has read. Asking him to cover his map and revisualize and describe  the map afterwards will treble the likelihood of his remembering the material.
Holland(2003/2004:78) find Mind Mapping to be a useful technique for helping students plan and structure their essays and projects more effectively, and the quality of their written work and were able to draw value from the  technique for  project managing practical work.
Mind Mapping also can be used for brainstorming, bridges discussions, share ideas, and even working on joint projects.  can create a solution together colleagues in the team (all the way, then there is writing on a piece of paper), could also incorporate mind map of the team members (make each and combined), even a mind map can be used as a slide presentation of each members to share ideas with other.
In this way, an idea or subject can be summarized into a mind map using key words branches, thus making the topic or subject easy to learn, explore and remember. Mind mapping also is an effective  way to represent the information visual.it helps lern and review a large variety of information and encourages generating new ideas and attitudes to the issue.
According to Buzan, mind mapping is a strategy for helping students order and structure their thinking through mentally mapping words or/and concept. Mind mapping were developed by Toni Buzan as a way of helping students make notes that used only key word and image. They are much quicker to make, and because of their virtual quality much easier to remember and review. The difference between concept map and mind maps is that a mind map has only one mind concept, while a concept may have several.


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