Para pengunjung yang berbahagia dimana saja berada salam dari admin, kali ini saya akan berbagi lagi beberpa metode/strategy pengajaran yang bisa dijadikan sebagai referensi untuk menyelesaiakan study khususnya jurusan bahasa inggris. Beberapa metode sebagia berikut check disc out:
This strategy helps to build relationships between words and key concepts.  Students make predictions about what a word means in relationship to the topic.  
a.       Choose vocabulary from new topic
b.      Introduce topic
c.       Display vocabulary all at once in random order (whiteboard, chart paper, etc)
d.      Model how to brainstorm and generate possible relationships between vocabulary and topic.  Model how you are making a prediction about the words specific meaning as it relates to the topic.
e.       Record the prediction in a sentence.
f.       Have students write in a sentence their prediction for each word
g.      When reading/learning about the topic, students check their sentences for accuracy and make revisions as needed.
h.      Using Cooperative Learning, have students discuss their sentences and corrections about the information.
2.      PLACE MAT:  A Collaborative Tactic
Place Mat is a form of collaborative learning that combines writing and dialogue  to endure accountability and participation of all students. It involves groups of students working  both alone and together around a single piece of paper to simultaneously involve all members. 
Carefully construct the assignment;  it’s construction will depend on the learning goals:  eg, are you aiming to:
a.       Brainstorm / generate / introduce a new idea?
b.      Use as an elaborative / extension tool to provide depth to the lesson?
c.       Encourage team problem solving?
d.      Distinguish between primary ideas, secondary ideas and supporting detail?
e.       Structure thinking around  an event or issue to prepare for concept attainment/Mind Maps or Concept Maps?
f.       Consolidate / review what has been learned?
g.      Other?
3.      PMI:  Positive, Minus, Interesting:  A Thinking Organizer
PMI assists in making wise decisions,  critical thinking (analysis) and evaluation.  It invites exploration of an issue from the point of view of what will or won’t work.
a.       ‘Positive’ refers to reasons why something is a good idea or decision 
b.      ‘Minus’ refers to why something won’t work or is unwise  
c.       ‘Interesting’ usually refers to the position or action one takes having balanced out the Positives and Minuses
4.      INSIDE / OUTSIDE CIRCLES:  Cooperative Learning Tactic
a.       facilitates dialogue
b.      builds community
c.       provides for movement and interaction
a.       It can be employed with groups of 6 or more (½ in½ out).  
b.      Place students in two circles – one circle within the other.  
c.       Students face each other between circles.
d.      Put a question on the board
e.       Ask students to think about it;  allow reasonable wait time
f.       Then say, “Person on the inside, tell the person on the outside how you would attempt to solve it.  When you are finished sharing, say, ‘pass’, and then the outside persona will share or extend the thinking of the inside person.
g.      When finished, outside people rotate one to the left or right.  
h.      Now they are ready for the next question.
5.      FOUR CORNERS:  A Cooperative Learning Tactic
This is a useful tactic that can precede debates:
a.       Begin with a statement, issue or question
b.      Label your corners:  Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree
c.       Students are given a specified period of quiet time in which to make up their  minds.  At this stage, dialogue is not allowed.
d.      Students move into the corner which best represents their view of the issue
In small groups, students discuss why they moved to the corner they did and  record their combined reasons.
e.       Students then report on their reasons from each corner
Itulah diatas beberapa source buat teman teman pengunjung yang lagi membutuhkan referensi judul semoga bermanfaat trimakasih telah berkunjung. 


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