The Improving The Students’ Speaking Ability Through Problem Based Learning Strategy

Improving The Students’ Speaking Ability Through Problem Based Learning Strategy
A.    Background
                Speaking skill is one of the difficult activities in learning English. It is one form to get information through oral communication in the world. It is become mare and more useful for  everyone who wants to learn about English.
 In most conversation, the world flows with just the least of mental urge. People think about what to say, who they are talking to, where they are, and they also need to know how many times to talk. So, focusing on their accuracy and fluency is the main learning process to get developing of the students in their speaking performance.
Moreover, the students get optimal standard achievement in speaking because they do not know what their aims to speak English, the condition and situation in the classroom have not been designed naturally for speaking, and the student still lack in use vocabulary, correct grammatical and acceptable interaction. Therefore, the teacher must regard how the classroom interaction should best be designed to cater the students’ communication need. In this case for improving the students’ speaking ability, the writer is going to carry out the research that emphasize on the aspect of learning goal, creating the learning process (La Costa in Sanjaya:2006:105). This strategy is the named “Problem Based Learning Strategy”.
            According to M. Taufik Amir, (2009:8) the students should be active in learning process in choosing to formulate the information, construct the information, consider and reflect the students experience to determine how  knowledge  can be transferred to all situations.
Wilkerson and Gijselears (1996:86) claim that problem based learning (PBL) is characterized by a student- centered approach, teacher as “facilitators rather than disseminators, and open ended problem that “serve as the initial stimulus and framework for learning.
Gallstudentagher (1997:337) the instructor plays a critical role in helping students become self-directed learners and must create classroom environment in which students “receive systematic instruction in conceptual, strategic, and reflective reasoning in the context of discipline that will ultimately make them more successful in later investigation.


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