Improving Students’ Motivation Through Colaborative Learning Strategies

Improving Students’ Motivation Through Collaborative Learning Strategies
 1.1.Background of the Study
Most of teacher still focused their teaching activity on the delivery of a curriculum to fulfill their target in teaching and learning process. They feel comfortable if they can teach all of material from curriculum in time. They are rarely thinking to the growth of their students physically and mentally. It is enough for them if the students pay attention to the lesson quietly, work alone, and stop talking. As the result students have traditionally been isolated communicatively and physically.  Teachers have lectured and students have listened. Teachers-and the textbook-have been the sources of knowledge and authority in the classroom. 
In the traditional model of the classroom, in which the curriculum is presented from a textbook on one instructional level, the motivation students may diminish. Feelings of success and a high motivation in learning only perform by the students who are accustomed to the textbook-oriented. While those who cannot master the textbook will be unmotivated and feel unpretentious. 
The academically talented students may not demonstrate their full academic potential in the classroom. When one instructional level from the curriculum is presented in a classroom, there will be no opportunity for some


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