The Effectiveness of Using Video to Improve Students’ Understanding on Writing Spoof Text

The  Effectiveness  of  Using  Video  to  Improve  Students’  Understanding on Writing Spoof Text (An Experimental)
A.  Background of The Study
Many countries all over world, including Indonesia regard English as the first  obligatory  foreign  language.  English  as  the  first  foreign  language  has been given a special attention and role especially in education. This is way the Indonesian  government  chooses  English  as  the  first  foreign  language  to  be taught at the formal schools.3 The  purpose  of  teaching  English  is  to  master  four  skills,  they  are listening,  speaking,  reading,  and  writing.  Teaching  and  learning  activity  in writing  need  some  skills  for  the  students  to  master.  Writing  is  frequently useful  as  preparation  for  some  other  activity.4  It  is  a  process  of  discovering and  organizing  ideas,  putting  them  on  papers,  and  revising  them. 
Writing allows  the  students  to  express  our  ideas  well;  however,  to  get  the  meaning strong,  interesting,  and  clear  for  the  reader,  this  skill  must  be  improved  by  practicing  a  lot.  The  importance  of  writing  can  be  seen  in  people  daily  activities  when  they  need  to  write  personal   letters,  invitation,  formal  letters,  articles, books and the other product writing activities.
The researcher considers that writing is the hardest skill for people who learn  English  because  in  writing  process,  the  students  will  face  many difficulties  in  transferring  thought  and  ideas  in  writing  form.  Writing  has  many examples and a wide variety, so the students need a preparation to write correctly. In this case, the students need suggestions in the writing process that has  four  elements,  they  are  planning,  drafting,  editing,  and  final  version.5  It means that, writing takes more time to think, choose the words, and make the>??????


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