Improving the Students’ Vocabulary by using Tree Diagram

A.    Background
English is one of international  languages, which is used throughout the world and also English is used in many fields of life such as : in Politics, Economics, Social and  Education.  Therefore,  English  as  a  language  in    international  communication  is clearly  needed  by  many  learners  to  deliver  thought  and  interact  in  a  variety  of situation.
English is one of the foreign languages for Indonesian students, that must be learnt in school since kindergarten level until University level. English is considered as  a  difficult  subject  for  the  Indonesian  students,  because  English  is  completely different  from  Indonesian  language  being  look  at  from  the   system  of  structure, pronunciation and vocabulary.  
English  teaching  involves  of  four  language  skills,  they  are  Listening, Speaking,  Reading  and  Writing.  In  teaching  and  learning  a  language,  there  are  four aspects that support four language skill above such as : grammar, vocabulary, spelling and  pronunciation  that  are  also  taught  in  English  teaching  and  learning  process
Vocabulary is one of important aspects in teaching language, as stated by Edward (1997) Vocabulary  is  one  of  the  important  factor  in  all  language  teaching,  student must continually be learning words as they learn structure and as they practice sound system.
Vocabulary is an important element in a language, besides pronunciation and grammatical rules. Teaching vocabulary is not easy for the teacher. According to Wright, (in Lynne Cameron, 2001:12), a teacher needs to remember that children may still be finding it difficult to use pronunciation correctly in their first language to control reference across a sequence of events and plot actions, and not to demand unreasonable skills in the foreign language. One implication is that when children learn a foreign language at the earliest stages they have not developed skills and learning abilities in the first language. The teacher needs to choose one of the techniques, which is the best for students. Good vocabulary teaching techniques would interest the learners.
Teaching vocabulary, a teacher must be able to make the students excited and enjoyable. This means,  she should place a higher priority on having fun in her teaching, to do this she can use environment in the learning process. Tree Diagram is a easy way to ask students to deeply process words by organizing them and making their meanings visual and more concrete.
Based on the explanation above the writer will apply the tree diagram to improve the students’ vocabulary under the titile “Improving the Students’ Vocabulary by using Tree Diagram at the (school)”

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