The use of look-say method to improve the students’ reading comprehension


A.      Background
Language is a crucial thing in our life, which is used to convey people’s idea to the mind of the people. In Abdul Muis Ba’dulu(Franch,1958: 13) defines language as an arbitrary system of articulated sounds made use of by a group of humans as a means of carrying on the affairs of their society. Through language, we can express our feeling, willingness and ideas. We use language as key to learn science and technology such as Linguistics, Sociology, Medicines, Economics, etc. In it is proportion, English as an international language, certainly many people in the world intend to learn it, including the Indonesian people, especially students in the junior high school, senior high school, and the university. Furthermore, we should realize that we are in the technological era; certainly, we have commitment that the new technology comes from the western countries that most of them are written in English.
Today, there a lot of information, people should know, and they should find many kinds of information sources that are written in English. Thus to get information, people should read many kinds of information. Reading is a source of getting information. No one can get much information without reading. Actually, Reading is the easiest and the cheapest way to get information, because it can help to know the simple information to the more complex one. In addition, the main important thing that the readers should have the ability to comprehend what they have read. Carrillo (1976:2) states that reading is a combination of mechanics, understanding, retention, and use. In this broadest of three views, the reader should be able not only to perform the mechanics and comprehend  the meaning of the words, but to critically evaluate the ideas expressed and apply them to his or her situation.
Reading is something that must be done by all students who are studying language. Reading is considered as one of important skill, which has to be learn because it can influent the other language skills.
In reading text, students often find some difficult word that they do not know its meaning. In order to, before they translate the word, they must know or understand through comprehension so that they can describe their ideas or can give conclusion from English reading text through their comprehension.    
The expand times and technology advance bring the positive impact in increasing educational in teaching and learning process, so that the teaching system always change into completing, particularly which related to their way of teaching.
It is concerned with language learning and teaching, Pressley and Block (2002) also suggested that teachers can learn by using strategy, how the strategies work and become better able to teach them to their own students by applying the strategies to their own reading. Based on Eric that one of strategy that can be use in teaching reading is a "look say" method, the method introduces rigidly selected vocabularies in progressive texts. Students memorize the appearance of words, or learn to recognize words by looking at the first and last letter. Students taught to read by the "look say" method are not taught to pronounce new words. It is known that "look say" students do not naturally learn to spell or write unless explicitly taught.
Related to the statement above, the writer is interested to do this research by using Look-Say method in teaching. This method shows us that words are pronounce before reading a text. John Amos said that not only introduced picture as helps in learning but also formally suggested this method of teaching reading. Because, besides reading the ???


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