The Improvement of english pronunciation through speech alt at the student of sma 1(pre experimental)

A.    Background
In English language teaching, there are four language elements namely: structure, vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling. Those elements are though in order to develop the students’ skill in the language learning. One second of them should be noticed is pronunciation is considered difficult element method that can be applied in learning pronunciation.
The researcher has observed that in junior high school students are lack of pronunciation while Nurhayati (2008:1), states that the pronunciation means knowledge of knowing to produce word which is very essential in oral communication. When speakers mispronounce some words or phrases, people can be misunderstanding. To reduce it, the teacher must equip the learner with English certain degree accuracy and fluency in understanding, responding and in expressing him self in the language in speech in other the learners communicatively in using the language.
In learning pronunciation pragmatic is consists of several aspects. Those are context, deictic, presupposition, implicature, and speech acts. Speech act is a central point of pragmatic. In communication, we use utterances in acting that is known as speech acts. Speech acts themselves can be divided into three elements:  locutionary, elocutionary and prelocutionary.
Searle in its book of Speech Acts: An Essay in The Philosophy of Language (1969,23-4 ) said that pragmatically at least there are three types of act that may be realized by a speaker upon his/her speech, that is the act to express something (locutionary act), the act to do something (elocutionary act), the act to affect the converse speak (prelocutionary act). Respectively, the third types are called as the act of saying something, the act of doing something, and the act of affecting someone.
Within the language context, student is expected to tell or to construct thoughts or information that he/she get.  Furthermore, an intrapersonal function, that is a language function to interact with fellow being by revealing the applied speech acts, attitudes and feelings, etc.  has he/she done. The last function is textual, it is to arrange how the created text and language being ordered so that a cohesion and coherence are realized, then, those would be easy to be understood by the one who listening and ???


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