The Use of Guessing Games improve the students’ speaking skill


A.   Background
As a professional teachers in the language teaching, especially the teaching of English a foreign language, teachers mostly spend much of time on appropriate teaching methodologist for greater effectiveness in students acquisitions on English, designing and implementing materials, test, and practice Teacher are responsible to educate the students from little or no knowledge to sufficient English speaking environment.
Mostly of the teaching method before the past few decades, found the teacher tends to carry out the teaching process in the classroom by applying traditional and monolingual principle ways of teaching with unsatisfactory. This shows that teachers need enrichments with appropriate ways of teaching atmosphere, that why in teaching English as the second language by applying new and modified fashions in order that the result of the teaching learning process would contribute more input to reach satisfied learning outcome. Whole around the world recently, where the people encourage that English as their target or second language used based on whole interactions and communication holding the dominant role of very aspects of their life. English is most widely used in teaching learning process of broader Educational occasions either formal or informal environment.
It is reasonable that English is programmed as the first foreign or second language in many countries on this earth, furthermore in present global era. That is why experts on language and language teaching range must invent today English teaching and learning environment.
According to the 2006 English Curriculum (KTSP) and its supplement, the emphasis of the curriculum is that the students are able to communicate in English by mastering the whole skills. However, it is not easy to master all the skills; there must be one important skill that covers the whole skills. Based on the statement above speaking is the most important skill that should be mastered by students in order to communicate in English fluently.
In this case, the students must study hard to master it and the teacher should create a good atmosphere in class. However, it is contrary to the real situation in class. Speaking activities do not work in class because many factors prevent students from speaking English with their friends. They are afraid of making mistakes, of being laughed at by his or her friends and of having lack of confidence in their ability.
Considering problem, relating to speaking activities in class and helping students to improve their speaking skill is part of the teacher’s job. He or she is expected to have right teaching techniques to provide students with appropriate teaching materials and to create a positive classroom environment. Therefore, the students will have opportunity to use English among themselves. The teaching –learning process should not only happen between teacher and students but also between students and students.
Speaking is an activity used by someone to communicate with other. It takes place very where and has become part of our daily activities. When someone speaks, he or she interacts and uses the language to express his or her ideas, feeling and thought. He or she also shares information to other trough communication.
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