The improving the students Reading Comprehension through Herringbone Technique

A. Background
Now days, the progress of knowledge, science and technology required us to absorb information. Information is merely the most important aspect of our life. Book, magazine, newspaper, bulletin, internet i.e. are source of information we can get if only through reading. Thus, we must read thousands of books to avoid ourselves from out of date.
Reading is one of the most important skills we need in increasing our personal welfare and social progress. It is cannot be denied that language is an integral part of human life and society. It is used to communication. In order to express argument or opinion to one another. Without language we cannot develop our education, society tradition and culture, spread global information etc. Shortly, we cannot do anything without using the language. (Rani Nur 2003:4).
In our education system, specially in English teaching. It has made the mastery of all language skills. English as an international language in Indonesia is the first foreign language tough from elementary school up to university. This proves that English subject is important for the Indonesia students.
In teaching English as foreign language. It is necessary to note that there are four skills to be mastered which cover, reading, speaking, listening and writing. Among the four skills, reading gets greather attention to analyze than other. As De Boer (1982: 166) states that “one of the best important ways of learning however is through reading, success in school and in life depends in large pat on your ability read”.
In general, people intend to be able to read and understand English text because many scientific books are written in English. Until now, most of the students still encounter difficulties in reading. This problem faced by many lecturer and students who are not fluent in English. One of the difficulties encountered by the students is how to remember what they have read. But rapid reading is not necessarily good reading. It is important to realize that we need to vary reading rate according to our intention in reading and the students cannot find main idea what they after read.
Using Herringbone technique is one of the most important technique to improve the reading comprehension. Because some technique have used in teaching  learning  process in teaching English. But sometime with method not fine development for student and  seldom not be success. Therefore the writer   want to use this technique t...................................................................................

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