The Effectiveness of Peer Reviewing in Improving Students’ Narrative Writing Ability (Quasi Experimental)


This section gives a brief intoduction to the area of the research. This chapter includes Background, Research Question, Hyphotesis, The aim of the Research, The benefits of the study, Clarification of terms and Organization of the Paper.

1.1        Background.
Writing is the way of communicating a message to a reader for a purpose. Through writing, one can explain or describe things as a result people miles from us can get information by reading the written message (Dixon & Denise, 1983 ). Writing as a means of communication activity still plays great role up to now. Its importance can be seen not only from its role but also from its function and significant contribution to the development of human life, specially to communicate with the other people. In general, people can take advantage of good writing for finding  jobs, and for the students, writing can help them in learning also for the teacher, it can help them to deliver their message to the students so the students can understand the materials that the teachers deliver.
Writing as a productive skill is a very important skill in English for students because writing has some benefits for them. Students can express their idea through writing, for example in writing a narrative text. In writing a narrative text, students may find some difficulties and make some mistakes. Teachers should help them to solve problem so student can improve their narrative writing ability.
Considering the above conditions, it is necessary to create a strategy that can involve both the teacher and the students and that invites them to participate in the learning activities. Some methods and strategies are developed to construct a meaningful teaching and learning in writing. One of the strategies that can be used in order to help the students in gathering and developing their ideas in writing is Peer reviewing. It can also make the students more involved in the learning process that leads to understanding so that they can make sense of the writing activities  in their real life and they can be more motivated
Peer reviewing can be used by students to respond their friends writing and give comment whether student make mistake. Fujieda (2007) states that most participants valued peer feedback. Eight writers out of fourteen took a positive stance toward peer feedback.
Meanwhile Zainurrahman (2010) investigated the impact of peer feedback in the students’ narrative writing and the students’ responses toward peer feedback activity in the ESL writing classroom. Fifteen undergraduate students were purposively selected to participate in this research. It indicated that the students’ narrative writing developed organizationally and grammatically, whereas data from the interview suggested that the students positively welcome peer feedback in the ESL writing classroom.
Furthermore, peer reviewing is also suitable to handle big classes since the clases have big number of students. In peer reviewing technique, students are divided into several groups that help teacher to evaluate their works easier.
In this study the writer focused on the effectiveness of peer reviewing in improving students’ narrative writing ability. The writer expected that this research can give some contributions for the students, teachers and the process of teaching and learning English. Firts, it can be used as measurements on improving narrative writing ability through peer reviewing technique that can be applied in writing narrative class. The last, this research can be used as a reference in improving students’ narrative writing ability through peer reviewing 

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