Increasing the students’ writing ability through Send a Problem method ( Classroom Action Research)


A.    Background
Writing is expression of the writer’s idea by producing graphic symbols to form words, words to sentences, sentence to paragraphs on the paper, so the reader can follow what the writer means. ( Kroma and Byrne in Baya, 2006:13)
The ideas in symbol form as what Kroma and Byrne says above, may come from the writer’s felling or may come from the prior knowledge of the writer, such as; the result of reading book or magazine, watching TV, or even come from a discussion and seminar. The symbols can be expressed such on a paper in order that it can be consumed by someone or public. Of course that writing has a special contribution whether for the reader or the writer itself. Martin in Axelrod said that writing has a special contribution to the way of people think. When we write,  we compose meaning. We put together facts and ideas and make something new, whether in a letter home, in a college essay, or in a memo to the boss. When we write, we create a complex web of meaning in which sentences have different relationships to each other. (Axelrod and Cooper, 1985:2)
He continued that writing also contributes uniquely to the way we learn. When we take notes during lectures or as we read, writing enables us to store new information in memory. Talking notes permits us later to review far tests or to find information for an essay.
Although writing has a great contribution, however it is not easy to make a good or appropriate writing. According to Heaton, in making a good and appropriate writing in English, it needs many abilities. Besides language use ability (the ability to write correct and appropriate sentences) and mechanical ability (the ability to use correctly punctuation and spelling), conceptual and judgmental ability are also needed (J.B. Heaton, 1991:135).???????

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