Double Brain Power Method to Improving the Students’ Reading Comprehension

The use of Double Brain Power Method to Improving the Students’ Reading Comprehension
A.      Background
English is an international language and used for communication in most activities and in many areas of everyday life. In Indonesia, English is taught to the students of elementary school, junior, and senior high schools, and even to university students as one of their subject. Chaudron (2004) states that English instruction at the university level is usually the intensive procedure, which implies close study of short passages, including syntactic, semantic, and lexical analysis and translation into the linguistics to study meaning. It is realized that studying English is not easy for Indonesian students because the fact that English and Indonesian languages are very different in term of spelling, pronunciations, vocabulary or lexical meaning and grammar. English like many other languages consist of four skills, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Among the four skills, reading is one of the most important.
Reading is the ability which may often be used and retained the longest. It is an essential foundation of learning and seeking any information and knowledge. Someone can increase their knowledge by reading many books, newspaper, encyclopedias and so on.
When comprehending reading material, among the reasons for the students’ failure in tertiary education is the inability to reach the required reading performance on the allocated time. The failure is because reading is a complex task requiring different abilities in a single performance. It is require a complete command of written symbols, and understanding of words, phrases, and structural or grammatical points. In addition, the previous experiences and


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