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The Use of Guessing Game to Improve the Fourth Grade Students’ Vocabulary Ability of SDN

The Use of Guessing Game to Improve the Fourth Grade Students’ Vocabulary Ability of SDN
In this chapter the researcher present background of the study, formulation of  the  researchproblem,  objective  of the study,  significance  of  the  study,  and definition of the key terms, organization of study.
A. Background of the Study
Language is one of the important tools to communicate with others. People can  communicate  each  other  and  express  their  ideas  and  emotions. Language  is verbal behavior that usually people use to communicate with other people around them. In addition, it is one of the tools to do some interactions and give response to  someone  (Harmer,  2007:21).  In  other  words, language  as  social  institution,  as verbal  practice,  as  reflexive  practice,  as  medium  of  classroom,  communication, and  also  as  school  subject.  Languages  which  are  often  used  as  a  means  of communication are English. It becomes the dominant language around the world, and now more and more people use English as an interactional language.
In  the  Indonesian language,  it is  not  regarded  as  a  second  language  but English is a foreign language. English is also referred to as the target language, it should  be  taught  in  schools  to  teach  the  Indonesian  curriculum  now.  Therefore, students are expected to improve their abilities in English.
The  importance  of the  English, is making educational  institutions begin  to introduce the  English  language from the  earliest level that  is  in  elementary school,?????


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