using Students Team Achievement Division (STAD) method SPEAKING PRE EXPERIMENT


A. Background
            Developing the students’ speaking performance is one of the goals in teaching English as a foreign language. There are many ways to develop the students’ speaking performance on the foreign language, one of the ways is by using group work discussion in learning that can stimulate the students to speak with others in social interaction or in the classroom.
            Learning to speak does not support the students to get the optimal standard achievement, because some problems can not be avoided like       (1) the students do not know what their aim of learning English (2) the condition and the situation in the classroom have not been designed naturally for speaking (3) and the students still lack the acceptable pronunciation, correct application grammatical rules and vocabulary mastery.
Cooperative learning is one of teaching strategies where the students work together to reach a shared goals. Within cooperative learning, the students maximize their own and each other’s learning with members striving for join benefit. The methods are structures in that are channeled through three basics principles, namely: simultaneous interaction, positive interdependence, and individual accountability. Furthermore, the aim for learning speaking, especially speaking accuracy will be reached through concentrating on their shared goal.      
 The students’ learning goals may be structured to promote cooperative, competitive, or individualistic. In contrast to cooperative situations, competitive situations are ones in which students work against each other to achieve a goal that only one or a few can be attained. Typically results in (a) higher achievement and greater productivity, (b) more caring, supportive, and committed relationship, and (c) greater psychological health, social competence, and self-esteem.
            Relating to the source above, the writer is inspired to conduct a learning method in the form of cooperative learning consist of Students Team Achievement Division (STAD) method in developing the students’ speaking performance in terms of accuracy dealing with acceptable pronunciation, correct grammatical rules and vocabulary mastery at the third year ??????????????????????


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