Connotative Meaning

 Connotative Meaning

Connotation  or  connotative  meaning  is  the  communicative  value  an expression has by virtue of what it refers to. over and above its purely conceptual content. Connotation refers to personal associations produced by words. Connotation is stimulting and evocative senses, feelings, attitudes, judgements, and belief as well as certain purposes. It can be individually and collectively. Connotative meaning is  additional  or  associated  meaning  which  is  attached  to  the  denotative  or conceptual  meaning.  It  consists  of  associations  with  a  concept  whenever  that concept is referred to.

Connotative  meaning  is  the  communication  value  of  an  expression  over  and above  its  purely  conceptual  content.  It  is  something  that  goes  beyond  more referent of a word and hints at its attributes in the ral world. It is something more than  the  dictionary  meaning.  If  we  compared  connotative  meaning  with denotative  meaning  is  connotative  are  relatively  unstable,  because  connotative has  different  meaning  depend  on  situation  we  used.  Although  the  language  that speakers  used  is  exactly  the  same  with  conceptual  framework,  but  each  of  them has  individual  perception  of  words.  Connotative  meaning  in defined  and  open-ended. Connotations play a major role in the language of literature, of politics, of advertising and greeting card.  Some Examples of Connotation :

1.      Chicken-while  this  literally  refers  to  an  animal,  it  is  a  term  used  to describe someone who is a coward.

2.      Retarded-while  this  literally  means  slow  or  "slowed,"  it  is  a  highly negative term for someone who has a mental handicap.

3.      Mutt-while this literally refers to a dog of mixed-breed, it has a negative connotation  when  used  to  refer  to  a  dog,  and  an  extremely  negative connotation when used to refer to a person.

4.      Addiction-one of the literal definitions of "addicted" is to be "devoted" to  something,  but  "addiction"  has  a  negative  connotation  when  used  to describe someone's affinity for something.



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