Concept of Paragraph

 Concept of Paragraph

James Heard, M.Ed. & Ted Tucker, M. Ed. (2000: 49 - 78) stated that “A paragraph is a series of sentences all relating to the same topic or central idea. The aim of all paragraphs is to communicate to the reader that idea clearly and effectively. There is no hard and fast rule about the length of a paragraph; it will depend on the topic and what the writer wants to say. The paragraph should be long enough to develop the idea expressed in the topic sentence sufficiently. It should do what it sets out to do in the topic sentence. If the topic sentence states that you will be explaining how to make pizza, don’t forget the steps about turning on the oven and at which temperature and how long the pizza should cook. Regardless of the length, the paragraph must contain only one idea. Any irrelevant sentences must be eliminated from the paragraph to ensure that it maintains its unity.

The paragraph structure in academic writing namely:

1)      Main idea: The point/issue of the paragraph is expressed in the first sentence of each paragraph.

2)  Illustration: The point or issue is supported with indirect quotes/paraphrases in the remaining sentence or sentences.

3)     Explanation: A further explanation/clarification of the point/issue is provided in the next sentence or two.

Actually a paragraph is a unit of writing that consists of one or more sentences focusing on a single idea or topic. Proposes the paragraph structure include are: 

1)      Topic Sentence: This sentence outlines the main idea that will be present in the paragraph.

2)      Support Details or Examples: This is the part of the paragraph that presents details, facts, examples, quotes and arguments that support the main idea.

3)      Conclusion Sentence: This sentence summarizes the main idea of the paragraph. It may also lead the reader to the topic of the next paragraph.


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