Procedure of Homophone Games

Procedure of Homophone Games
Based on Musmanno (2010: 20) defines procedure of Homophone Game as follows:
a.    Copy the call list for the students. Discuss each pair of homophones and their meanings.
b.    Play the game, pull one slip and read both words aloud. Use each in a sentence and discuss the different meanings. For instance, say aunt, ant. Pause. Say, I love my Aunt Judy (pauseto have those with aunt on their card place their chip. Then ask for a volun-teer to spell aunt.) Then say, The ant ruined our picnic (pause to have thosewith ant on their card place their chip). Ask for a volunteer to spell ant.
In addition Clutterbuck (1999: 3) gives explanation about procedure of homophone game at the classroom in five steps there are:
a.    Ask students if they know what a homophone is. Explain that homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings, and are usually spelt differently.
b.    Ask students to provide words that are homophones. Write these on the board. e.g. son — sun, horse — hoarse
c.    Conduct a ‘homophone quiz’: Read aloud a sentence and challenge students to find the word that has a homophone. They must then use the homophone in a sentence of their own. For example: Teacher: The bicycle has two wheels.  (two) Student: I am going to the disco.  (to)
d.   Distribute and explain
e.    Early finishers could search through word listsand write any homophones they find.


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