Definition of Homophone

Definition of Homophone
According to Rippel (2007: 9) Homo  means  same  and  phone  means  sound,  so  the  word homophone  literally  means  same  sound.  Homophones are  two  or  more  words  that  sound  alike  but  that  are spelled  differently  and  have  different  meanings.  Sets of homophones include billed and build, peace and piece, and sew, so, and sow.Homophones occur in English because we have multiple ways to spell the same sound. For example:
a.    The sound of /n/ can be spelled with the letter n or the letter combination kn, resulting in the homophones night and knight.
b.    The sound of /ā/ can be spelled a-consonant-e or  ay  (among  other  possible  spellings),  giving us daze and days.
c.    The  schwa  sound  (the  muffled  /uh/  sound  of vowels  in  unaccented  syllables)  causes  words like complement and compliment to be pronounced alike
Davis and Herr (2003: 3) defines Homophones are multiple words with identical pronunciation (phonological code). Hence, multiple meanings share a common phonological link in memory
In addition Musmanno (2010: 20) Homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings)  can cause confusion and spelling problems. Multiple exposures to the correctly spelled word can help! See picture below:????


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