Meaning and Definition of Motivation

Meaning and Definition of Motivation
Mustajib (2013: 3) Motivation  refers  to  an inner  state  of  cognitive  and  emotional arousal which vigorously drives someone to consciously  embark  endlessly  intellectual and physical effort to attain a previously set goal.
Aggouni  and Laadjali (2015: 35) Motivation as a term is derived from the Latin word ‘moveo-movere’ which means ‘to move’ in English. Motivation is the element that moves humans to decide taking certain choices to be engaged and to be able to continue a behavior. In psychology, the term ‘motivation’ means the forces that affect people’s behaviors’ or the reasons of those behaviors. The psychologists  of  these  days  have  a  very  wide explanation  to  motivation;  it  takes  into  account  such  notions  as  longing,  push,  volition,  wish, pressure, interest, aim, purpose, and other aspects. This following is motivation’s definition “Motivation is a general way of referring to the antecedents (i.e., causes and origins) of action.
Gilakjani, Leong and Sabouri (2012: 10) Motivation is defined as an attribute of the  individual  describing  the  psychological qualities underlying behavior with respect to a particular task. to  be  motivated,  the learner  needs  to have something to look forward to, a purpose related to goal or objective.  This objective would be learning a foreign language. There must be something that the learner wishes to accomplish or gain, being  the  target  language the vehicle to  attain  it. The learner‘s reasons for another language could vary from achieving a sense of success, fulfill other‘s expectations or  being able to buy a new car through  getting a  better job due to command of the  target  language
Lai (2011: 8) concludes motivation refers to reasons that underlie behavior, motivation is animated by personal enjoyment, interest, or pleasure, whereas motivation is governed by reinforcement contingencies. Motivation involves a constellation of closely related beliefs, perceptions, values, interests, and actions. Motivation within individuals tends to vary across subject areas, and this domain specificity increases with age.


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