English Language Materials at Junior High School

English Language Materials at Junior High School
Students start having English lessons at primary school, Junior and Senior High Schools and Universities. The Primary School students study English for six years  and the Junior High School students study English for three years. It means that every graduate of Junior High School has studied English for nine years. The main focus of teaching and learning process in Junior High School is to develop the students‟ ability in communicating, to give knowledge about the language both spoken and written, and to increase students awareness about how important the English to be learnt
Faisal (2015: 103) The national Indonesian curriculum was updated in 2013  and  now  requires junior  high  school  teachers to help  their  learners  demonstrate  knowledge  and  skills relating to the generic structures, social functions, and language  features  of  a  range  functional  text  types  in English,  including  recounts,  procedures,  descriptions, and  factual  reports.
Yulia (2013: 4) English  language  instruction  is  needed  by students to maximize the language exposure. Teachers’ proficiency in spoken language as the model for students in class has become a critical  issue  in  language  learning. Learning  English  in  a well balanced  foreign  and  second  language contexts  is  through  the  four  strands  of  (1) meaning  focused  input  (listening  and reading),  (2)  meaning  focused  output speaking and writing), (3) language focused learning  (attention to  language  features) and (4)  fluency  development  (working  with known  material).


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