Teaching English at Junior High School

Teaching English at Junior High School
In  Indonesia,  English  is  taught  in  junior  high  school,  senior  high school,  and  elementary  school  even  in  kindergarten.  Although  English  is not  the  new  thing  for  junior  high  school  students,  in  fact  they  still  have many difficulties  in studying English. As we know that English is not the Indonesian native language. A formal education is done at school in Indonesia and it has some subjects taught to the students, such as Mathematical and Natural Sciences, Social Studies, Indonesian language, and foreign languages. One of the foreign languages learned by the students is English.
Effendie (2014: 1211) English learning presented at Junior High School (SMP) is more stressed on knowledge of the four standards of competence or the four language skills, such as, Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, without considering the ethical values contained in that four language skills. It means that the teaching and learning English
Intansari (2017: 236) Ideally, an education system should form a coherent whole from the upstream (at the central level) to downstream (at the school level). In practice, however, the system manifests differently in different places. Take this as an example:  All teachers who participated in the study (100%) considered students’ good scores as the major parameter used to justify the success of their teaching.  This led the teachers consciously or subconsciously to teach English to the test. In this case, test has been one of influential aspects of teaching context.
The teaching of English language currently is very marketable to students at all levels  of  education.  In  response  to  this,  the government  has  been  trying  to  develop  the English language curriculum in order to cater for  the  needs  of  Indonesian  society. Teachers,  for  example,  have  been  trained through  pre-service  and  in-service  programs to  achieve  good  quality  teaching  as  well  as developing learning materials in the form of textbooks  or  online  access.  In  brief,  much effort  has  been  devoted  to  improve  English language  teachers’  capacity  and  students’ knowledge


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