Concept of Media

Concept of Media
Naz and Akbar (2013: 35) a medium (plural media) is a channel of communication, derived from the Latin word meaning “between”. The term refers to anything that carries information between a source and a receiver. Definition of media focus on use of technologies plus concepts and contexts. Media are the means for transmitting or delivering messages and in teaching-learning perspective delivering content to the learners, to achieve effective instruction.

The term media according to Seth (2009: 12) refers to devices and materials employed in teaching and learning. It includes hardware like blackboards, radio, television, tape recorders, video tapes and recorders and projectors; and, software like transparencies, films, slides, teacher-made diagrams, real objects, cartoons, models, maps and photographs.
Media can be used effectively in formal situation where students are working independently or teacher is working with other group of students. Media play a significant role in the education of students with exceptionalities children with disabilities in particular need special instructional treatment which is supplemented with adaptation and specially designed media for effective instruction of such students. The most common use of media in an instructional situation is for supplemental support of the instructor in the class room to enhance learning
Based on the explanation above the researcher conludes that the media is often related with means of communication. The term media often refers of any device that brings information from the source of message to the destination. In our daily life, we can see some examples. They are television, radio, book, record, and picture. Media are any devices that assist an instructor to transmit to learner facts, skills, attitudes, knowledge and appreciation or additional materials used when using a particular teaching method to make learning easy, as it intends to help both the teacher to teach more reflectively and the learner to grasp the concepts more effectively


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