Definition of Writing

Definition of Writing
According to Cole and Feng (2015: 4) writing is a fundamental component of language. When a child writes, thoughts and knowledge are blended together creating a unique meaning. Consequently, students identify the skill of writing, as more difficult than listening and reading. Furthermore, writing is the skill that most students are least proficient in when acquiring a new language.
Based on Albesher (2016: 11) the writing  is a emphasis on the composed product rather than the composing process;  the analysis  of  discourse  into  words,  sentences,  and  paragraphs;  the  strong  concern  with  usage (syntax, spelling, punctuation) and with style (education, economy, clarity, emphasis); and so on
Troia (2014: 30) writing is a ways to affords the students extended opportunities to think about, manipulate, and transform ideas and reflect on their existing knowledge, beliefs, and confusions in written form.  Because writing is permanent and promotes more concrete and precise thinking processes, it offers a unique mechanism for extending learning beyond presentations, inquiry activities, and discussion
Elhabiri (2013: 19) writing is an act of communication, it is considered as a skill that needs study and practice to be developed. The ability to write is not naturally acquired; it is usually learned as a set of practices in formal institutions, or other environments settings. Meanwhile, writing is an essential skill through which success can be attained in any academic contexts. Writing is much more than an orthography symbolization of speech, it is more importantly a purposeful selection and organization of expression this means that writing is a group of organized expressions that form a whole, and convey specific meanings or process of thinking to invent ideas, exploring and arranging them into statements and paragraphs, rather than a production of graphic symbols.


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