Function of Vocabulary

Function of Vocabulary
Blintz (2011: 45) learning vocabulary is fundamentally about learning definition of words. Many teachers believe that defining words before reading a text is an effective instructional. Vocabulary has great function in language. People use vocabulary/words to construct sentences. Vocabulary is a like as the bone of our body. Without bone, our body will not be able to be as perfect as possible. Nobody can be expressing his/her feeling to others. A teacher will confuse to explain the lesson to the students. The member of community can share their ideas for the social as environmental development, etc. so, the vocabulary is supposed as the bone of language, without vocabulary, the language cannot be developed.

Fontecha (2014: 24) foreign language vocabulary knowledge is an increasingly important area in the field of Applied Linguistics. Central to the investigation within foreign language vocabulary knowledge is the distinction between productive and receptive vocabulary knowledge types. Receptive vocabulary is understood as a passive skill which involves the perception of a word and the understanding of its meaning in listening and reading. Productive vocabulary refers to an active skill that covers word production so as to match the speakers’ intention in writing and speaking.
So far the researcher give addition as a result of the reading the function of vocabulary from some expert that the vocabulary have to learn because vocabulary is a basic of understanding the word, paragraph, sentences, text and book including the materials to read in each context


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