Qualitative Descriptive Method

Qualitative Descriptive Method
Based on Tewksbury (2009: 52-53) Qualitative research relies on the process of analytic descriptions for “identification of recurrent patterns or themes and attempting to construct a cohesive representation of the data.  These recurrent themes are then linked to concerns or issues in the literature, theoretical, conceptual, or applied – as you develop interpretations of what is happening in your setting (or nterviews or documents or images) and what their words or images mean to the participants as such, the analytic process in qualitative research is centered on researchers looking at their data, finding patterns and similarities across cases, times and instances and interpreting what these issues mean.
This research use descriptive method. According to Neuman (2014: 38) Descriptive research is the research in which the primary purpose is to “paint a picture” using words or numbersand to present a profile, a classification of types, or an outline of steps to answer questions such as who, when,where, and how. A descriptive research study starts with a well-defined issue or question and tries Most exploratory research uses qualitative data. In general, qualitative research tends to be more open to using a wide range of evidence and discovering new issues.
The researcher uses descriptive design in this research because this research is focused  on  a  certain  phenomenon  in  the  school  environment.  In  this  case  the phenomenon is the activities of teaching and learning English. This research also does  not  need  to  give  the  treatment  to  the  object  of  the  research.  Then,  the researcher observes and describes the phenomena as in the fact as clear as possible without manipulation. Therefore, the appropriate design can be used in conducting this research is descriptive research. The design consists of two stages. The first is observation  to  the  teacher  and  the  student.  The  researcher  observes  the  class  the school  condition  and  teaching  learning  process.  The  second  stage  is  doing  the interview  with  the  English  teacher.  This  interview  happens  after  the  researcher doing the observation. In this process the interview the researcher ask detail about the students motivation to preparing to national examination


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