What is PQ4R?
The PQ4R method is a method that individuals can use to help them better comprehend written material. It helps individuals focus on orgainizing information in their minds and making it meaningful (Slavin,1994).
The PQ4R is a learning method to help you get more out of what you read. Here's what the letters stand for:
a.       PREVIEW - scan the material to get an idea of the main points; look at headings to see what you are going to be learning; try to figure out what you're going to be reading.
b.      QUESTION - ask yourself questions as you read; turn headings into questions and make sure you can answer them; ask the typical "reporter" questions of who/what/when/where/how and the 4R words.
c.       READ - read the material carefully; if you asked questions about a section, make sure you find the answer when you read.
d.      REFLECT - think about what you have just read. Try to make it meaningful by relating it to something you already know, relating the different sections to each other, trying to understand parts that seem to contradict each other, using the information you read to solve a problem, or thinking about how what you read affects your life.
e.       RECITE - practice what you have learned by repeating major points out loud; this helps you to remember the information longer.
f.       REVIEW - go back over the material by asking yourself questions and trying to answer without reading the work again.(Wiki,2011)
While Anastasia (2007) stated that PQ4R is a popular method of working with text to remember it better. After seeing about PQ4R above, we can say that it is a method which is used to comprehend and to remember the text easily.
The Purpose of  PQ4R
a.       It will improve the student's reading comprehension. It also may improve recall of facts by as much as 70%
b.      To help non-disabled students improve reading comprehension and retention.
c.       To understand what they read and to remember details of what they've read.
d.      To improve comprehension and retention, which can lead to better grades and improved achievement in all school subject areas.
The Implementation of PQ4R
According to Anastasia (2007) the implementation of PQ4R stand for:
a.      Preview: 
You begin with a preview, in other words, you skim the table of contents, headings, subheadings, graphs and pictures to get an idea of how the material is organized and what it is about. 
b.      Question: 
Next, you come up with questions about the text.  Look at the headings and decide what information you want to know.
c.        Read: 
The next step is to read the text with your questions in mind.  Did you get the answers? 
d.       Reflect: 
Reflect on what you just read.  How is the new information related to what you already know?  Think of the ways to test and apply your new knowledge.  What kinds of problems could you solve with this information? 
e.        Recite: 
Next, put away the text and recite the main points, talk out loud about the material, try to use your own words to explain things and at the same time, incorporate new terms and definitions. 
f.        Review: 
The final step is to review.  Summarize the main points and test your comprehension with more questions and hypotheticals.


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