Errors of Using Ending-S in Writing Descriptive Paragraph

Errors of Using Ending-S in Writing Descriptive Paragraph
This  introduction  chapter  presents  background  of  the  research,  statement of  research  problems,  objectives  of  the  research,  significance  of  the  research, scope and limitation of the research, and definition of key terms.
A.  Background of the Research
The  government  recognizes  that  language  plays  important  in  four skills; they  are; listening, speaking, reading  and  writing.  This means  that, hopefully the students are more expected to use English in their daily life effectively, because most of them are lack of practicing  English.  In order to be fluent English learners, the students have to master the English  four skills. The students must be trained adequately all those four skills to make them easily practice and use English.
In  line  with  curriculum  of  Department  of  Education,  the  teaching and  learning  process  of  English  concentrates  on  those  four  skills.  One  of the  four  skills,  which  plays  a  significant  role  in  mastering  English,  is writing.  Nowadays,  writing  is  an  important  subject  that  conducted  in school to exposure the students’ skill. Langan (2009:10) states that writing is one of the skills which exposes facts, ideas by persuading, explaining or interpreting  them  in  some  clear,  effective,  and  organized  a  way.  In addition,  writing  is  the  process  of  communicating  and  share  feels,???????????????


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