Improving the Students’ Reading Comprehension through Neurological Impress Method

Improving the Students’ Reading Comprehension through Neurological Impress Method
A.   Background
English is one of the subjects in Indonesia’s curriculum for elementary until university level and also become a subject which is examined in National Examinations. Law of National Education Standard (2005) stated: In the level of Senior High School (SMA) or other forms in the same level, National Examination includes subjects of Indonesia Language, English, Mathematics, and the subjects which are become the characteristics of Education Program.
Besides as a compulsory subject, English is also a need in this globalization era. The goals of teaching English in Indonesia are mainly to enable the students to use English for communication and to read books and references written in English. The students are expected to have skills of the English language such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, and other elements of language that must be taught to the students through the chosen themes.
Among the four skills above, reading get greater attention than three others, because reading is one of the important skills. Reading can be defined as an active cognitive process of interacting with the print and monitoring comprehension to establish meaning and through reading we can get much knowledge, study new words, comprehend ideas, study the word are used, how to implement the grammatical rules, and gain the information from their reading material if they are able to derive meaning from what they read. By reading people can explore the world, find and improve new concept, enhance experience, find problem solving, and????????


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