An Error Analysis of Mechanics of Writing Made by the Students of Fourth Semester

An Error Analysis Of Mechanics Of Writing Made By The Students Of Fourth Semester
This chapter is introduction that includes background of the research, the formulation of research problem, the objectives of the research, significance of the research, scope and limitation of the research, definition of key terms, and organization of the research.
A.       Background of the Research

English language is important for students to learn currently, because it is the language of world which used as a standard of international communication. As argued by Brown (2000:118) “English is not frequently learned as a tool for understanding and teaching US or British cultural values. Instead, English has become a tool for international communication in transportation, commerce, bank, tourism, technology, diplomacy, and scientific research”. All of English teachers suggested to the students about the importance of English language, so the students should learn it comprehensively. In learning English language, there are four skills. Those are listening, speaking, reading, and writing skill. To learn language, mastering those four skills is very necessary. Hopefully, all of the students learn them to create a good communication with other.
Writing is one of the four language skills that have to be achieved by someone who is learning English ??????


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