Grammatical Error Analisis in Speaking of the Second Semester English Students

Grammatical Error Analysis in Speaking of the Second Semester English Students
In this chapter, the writer shows the background of the research, the formulation of research problems, objectives of research, significant of research, scope and limitation, definition of key terms and organizations of research.
A.      Background of study
In our education system, English is a compulsory subject at secondary school. This is because English is an important international language which is used as a medium of communication by the most people in the world. Every human in the world always use language to communicate, give information, knowledge and express their idea and though.
Because of the importance of English, our government makes a policy about the use of English in our education system. The standard of content for the junior high school states that the target of English instruction in school is to enable the students to gain functional level of literacy (Depdiknas, 2006:277). At this particular level, students are expected to be able to communicate in both written and oral forms to overcome their challenges. This objective is clearly reflected in the English standard of competencies and the basic competencies.
In English, there are four skills that should be mastered, they are: listening, speaking, writing, and reading, the most important one of them is speaking. The ability to function in another language is generally characterized in


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