Using English Short Stories To Improve Students’ Reading Comprehension Achievement

Using English Short Stories To Improve Students’ Reading Comprehension Achievement
A.    Background
We know  that  the English  language as  means of  international  communication   and it becomes  more  important  nowadays. Therefore the government of Indonesia places this language. In the curriculum not only the secondary schools, senior high school but also at in universities or institutes. English as a foreign language involve four skills in language learning, they are: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Beside the  four language  skills above , reading is importance to students  whose mother tongue  is not  English because they almost  do not opportunity  to hear or to speak  that language so in This  research, the  researcher  will  concern  with  reading skill
Pourkalhor & Kohan (2013: 1) Reading is not just a single skill but a combination of many skills and processes in which the readers interact with printed words and texts for content and pleasure. Through reading, one can teach writing, speaking, vocabulary items, grammar, spelling and other language aspects. There are some essential goals of reading such as enabling students to understand the world, growing their interests, and finding solutions to their own problems. The use of literature as a technique  for  teaching  both  basic  language  skills  (i.e.  reading,  writing,  listening  and speaking)  and  language  areas  (i.e.  vocabulary,  grammar  and  pronunciation)  is  very  popular within the field of foreign language learning and teaching nowadays.
Reading is one of the main skills in English that plays important role. Reading can be defined as an active cognitive  process of  interacting with the print and monitoring comprehension to establish meaning and through reading we can get much knowledge, study new words, comprehend ideas, study the word are used, how to implement the grammatical rules, and gain the information.
Practically, it is not easy for students to read materials in foreign language than in their native language. They have to face new vocabularies and structures that are different with  that they have in their own language. They sometimes also have to face long, difficult, boring, and uninteresting passages both in the textbooks and in the test papers. Those things can make the students frustrated and lose their motivation to learn English. The reason for reading will finally simply become learning to read instead of reading to learn.
The role of a teacher is important to help students in determining how much and what subject they should read. The teacher is a person who should create the????


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