Improving the Students’ Writing in Narrative Text through Beyond Centers and Circle Time (BCCT) Method for the Tenth Grade of SMA Negeri

Improving the Students’ Writing in Narrative Text through Beyond Centers and Circle Time (BCCT) Method for the Tenth Grade of SMA Negeri

A.    Background
Writing is one of the four skills in English that is necessary to be taught.   Many students say that writing is the most difficult one. It is caused by their ignorance about what and how to write. Writing is admitted widely as one of the most difficult skills that students ever do, either in foreign language or in their native language.
There are many students find that difficulty when they are asked to write because they do not know how to start and what topic that they should choose. Besides that, uninteresting topic and unsuitable teaching methods can influence students’ interest in writing ability. To break through the problem, English teachers have to be more creative in choosing the materials and methods which can make the writing class more interesting, exciting, and enjoyable. It can be done by choosing an appropriate material and method that students like based on the students’ level and background of knowledge.
Writing will be used as a generic term to refer to all the various activities that involves transferring through paper. Writing that focuses primarily on the conventions of language form, i.g. grammatical or lexical structures will be termed transcription. The term composition will refer to the skills involved in effectively developing and communicating an idea or making  a point. There are many methods and techniques in teaching and learning writing. If the method of teaching English is suitable for the students, they will enjoy it. So, the students will enhance their ability in the language. Besides that, the teacher gathers some information about the students’ progress and then doing the evaluation to measure the students’ achievement. It is better to give the students some assessment to measure their achievement in writing. Basri. D (2007)
                                    The most important reason for teaching writing is that it is a basic language skill, just as important as speaking, listening and reading. Students need to know how to write letter, how to put written reports together, they need to know some of writing’s special convention such as punctuation, paragraph construction, etc just as the need to know how to pronounce spoken English appropriately.
                 After conducting diagnostic test, the researcher decides to implement The  beyond  centers  and  circle time  (BCCT)  to  enhance  the  students writing narrative  text. It will be held at the tenth grade students of SMA .  In the school, the researcher has found some problems which related to writing skill that is faced by the students. The student’s skill is still low and so far from the target of score where the students’ average score is (53.62%) . meanwhile the succesful minimal criteria (KKM) are 70. It’s mean that, the researcher still needs to take an action for the next cycle.
            The researcher did an observance in the tenth grade of SMA Negeri  and the writer observation of some students did not know how to make correct in writing especially in writing narrative text. So, the researcher hope that the tenth grade has got good achievement of writing narrative, but the fact indicates that their achievement is still low. In this context, there is a gap between what we hope and what the fact show. So, it is important to find out a good strategy in teaching narrative text. Based on the problem above, the researcher will conduct this research under the title Improving Students’ Writing Narrative Text through Beyond Centers and Circle Time (BCCT) method. (A classroom action research at the tenth grade of SMA)


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