correlation - reading speed and reading comprehension

DESCRIPTIVE correlation - reading speed and reading comprehension
This chapter deals with background, problem statement, objective of the research, significance of the research and scope of the research.
A. Background
            In general, people intend to be able to read and understand English text because many scientific books are written in English. And nowadays, many students are not interested in reading some books. They like watching television rather than reading book. Especially for students of Indonesia, they avoid  reading some books and enjoy watching television. This problem is faced by many teachers and students who are not fluent in English. One of the difficulties encountered by the students is how to remember what they have read.
            So far, most of the students still cannot read well. This seems to be very serious not only for the students but also for many teachers. Many students are still difficult to understand the message of reading materials because they do not have enough vocabulary.
            By reading, someone will know many things. Obviously, a student who wants to develop his/her knowledge should have an ability in reading. Efficient reading involves two components, namely : first, ???????


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