Improving the Students’ Reading Comprehension Ability by Using Think-Ahead and Write (TAW) Strategy

Improving the Students’ Reading Comprehension Ability by Using Think-Ahead and Write (TAW) Strategy
A.    Background
English is a global language that is used as a commonucation device between nation of different language. English plays an important role in process of communication between them and also English can accelerate science and technological development of a nation. English has four skills namely speaking, writing, listening and reading.  One of them is reading has played an important role in developing English skill. Reading is one ways to get information and it can improve people knowledge. By reading, people are able to know many things happen around them even they do not have to see it directly and through reading people can speak and write. Reading can make people become wide minded. Harvey  (1990 : 2) argues that purpose of reading in language is to inform ourselves about something we are interested in, or challenge on certain matters. In other words, to extend experience of the world in which we live.That is the reason why reading becomes a very important thing in learning. Beside that, in formal education, reading is also one way that people should do to fulfill their education.
The research found many problems that is faced by the students especially in reading comprehension. They are difficult to understand the passage otherwise if they face serious topics such as politics, economics, etc . Here, teachers play an important role to help them understand reading passage.
However, comprehending reading or getting answers from the questions in people’s mind is not as easy as people think especially if it is related with English. Some people prefer reading novel, megazine, short story, etc to academic books for pleasure. Whatever they read, it gives them some information about something or certain things, get answers from the questions in their mind if they understand or comprehend what they are reading.
In formal education, students asked to read academic books. Besides hearing explanation from their teachers, sometimes they have to understand their lessons by reading it directly. However, reading academic books sometimes make students bored especially in English lessons. Most of students in South Sulawesi find difficulties in comprehending a paragraph for example to identify the main idea of the paragraph that they have read (Asrawati)..
The main goal in teaching and learning English reading process is to comprehend the reading material, but the fact shows that the majority of the students are not competen English well, as (Halim, 1988 : 2) states that most students encounter the problem in comprehending an English text. They are at frustation level althought they have been learning English for years.
One of the ways to help students understand English passages is finding good strategies in reading. Teachers can give students strategies or guidelines to understand different types of texts, such as newspapers, fiction books, or academic books. Strategies can help them comprehend texts. Whatever that strategies, the most successful strategies have to make  students as readers continually set expectations for what they are about to read, they give them a way to keep checking themselves to see if they understand what they are reading, and they have them reorganize  information in a way that makes sense to them.
Think-Ahead and Write (TAW)  is a strategy to help students comprehend  texts. This strategy consist of some parts that help students develop their thinking ability. They will be taught to ask questions, create mental image and relate what they are reading. This strategy also make them think critically in reading passages with combining some parts in this strategy. Think-ahead and write (TAW) strategy is a way to make readers understand or comprehend what they are reading. This strategy combine some ways to comprehend text. Think-ahead and write (TAW) strategy consists of asking question and creating mental images or writing down readers’ understanding. This strategy have advantages to students, that is to make readers or students easy comprehend in reading passages and think about what they are reading. Because teaching students to think about what they are reading is an important way for them to use their skills to comprehend science, history, social studies, math, and many other subjects they will study throughout their education.
       Furthermore, Himes (2007) stated that students have to comprehend what they are reading because comprehension is the reason for reading. It is actually the main goal of learning to read. If readers can read the words but do not understand what they are reading, they are not really reading.
Relating to the case above, the researcher will conduct a research in SMA to the second grade students entitle  Improving the Students’ Reading Comprehension Ability by Using Think-Ahead and Write (TAW) Strategy


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