Improving the Students Listening Comprehension through Dictoglos strategy at the Second Year Students of SMA

Improving the Students Listening Comprehension through Dictoglos strategy at the Second Year Students of SMA

A.    Background
         Everybody has learned their language since they were children, especially their mother tongue. The process occurs naturally and properly with a view to communicate in society environment. Listening comprehension plays an important role in building communication skill, as well as we know, communication is a part of human’s daily activity. Through communication by using language, we can share our ideas with other people. In that way, a smooth interaction between people can take place.
English is one of language that has been learned in many countries. As an international language, it has significant role to assist human communicating one another, more over, in globalization era. Mastering English both written and spoken are absolutely needed, especially for Indonesians who live in a developing country. Besides, it is useful to follow the globalization era to become a modern nation. Thus, English is taught formally in high school as a compulsory subject, even now the elementary schools have begun to introduce English in their curriculum (Nurmayanti, 2008: 1).
Psychologically, many factors influence the success of learning, such as, the teacher and the learner. The success of learning depends on the teacher and learner. Rasyid (1990), the factors influencing the low achievement of language class are low motivation and interest of the students.
Therefore, in this case the English teachers have to consider how to motivate, arouse the students’ interest and ability, and also look for ways to make the teaching of the language more interesting, so that the students will enjoy learning it and they can improve their ability on the language.
In learning language, there are some basic skills that the students have to master. One of these basic skills is listening. Listening is the foundation of all human communication
Listening is one of the most important language skills. Feyten (1991) claims that more than 45% of communicating time is spent listening, which clearly shows how important this skill is in overall language ability.  However, the students always think it is difficult to listen well because sometimes they are bored and not interested in the subject. The lack of interest and motivation of the students to study may be caused by the methods and techniques that are not suitable with the students’ need or the students’ interest. Of course it can be the serious problems for the students. As the result, they are not enthusiastic in learning English and it can influence their achievement such as in listening comprehension.
As a teacher, it is important to find out some methods to solve the problems that faced by the students. One way to attract the students’ attention in learning English especially for listening is using dictogloss strategy. The use of dictogloss as a strategy in teaching listening will help the students to be an active listener. Active listening make the students listen with an active mind so that they can understand and know about the meaning. The use of Dictogloss in the classroom will make the students interested and enjoyed in learning language because it is a classroom dictation activity where learners listen to a passage, note down key words and then work together to create a reconstructed version of the text. 
The listening comprehension is the concentration of this research because this skill is required to understand people in speaking and it is required to make communication in English. Students may be able to speak English but they get difficulties on their listening. The poor ability in listening will make students difficult to understand or interpret the message sent by the speaker.
Based on the information from an English teacher and observation result about the students achievement especially in listening comprehension at SMA , the students achievement in listening comprehension are still low where the???????


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