improving the students’ reading comprehension through Listen-Read-Discuss (LRD) strategy



A.    Background

Nowadays, science and technology development demands people to increase their knowledge and experience. One way to increase their knowledge and experience is by reading. Reading is one-step to study effectively. Through this step, it can develop our memory, comprehension, and more knowledge for example when the people study textbook, article, short story, and even a novel. Reading can increase our science and give us knowledge information. Reading is an activity with a purpose. Someone may read for many reasons, for instance to gain information and exiting knowledge, or in order to critique a writer’s ideas or writing style.
Reading is one of the basic communicative skill,  but it has very complex process. It can be said that, reading is a process in which reader finds information given by the writer in the written form. In this case, reading can be said as an interactive process, checks, and ask questions about what the text is about. Leonard (1961) states that reading involves nothing more than correlating sound image, that is ”spelling” while Robert Karim (1980) defines that reading is as a process instructing the ideas of the authors.
Reading comprehension is not just reading with a loud voice but reading is established to understand the meaning of word, sentences, and paragraph sense relationship among ideas as it is. If a student just reads loudly but can’t understand the content of the text, it means that he fails in comprehending passage. (Simanjuntak 1998:4)
The theory of comprehension assumes that effective understanding is a function of the relationship between present information and active knowledge , and that effective communication therefore depends on the degree to which listener and speakers share a  common semantic “field”.(Buhler,1908). When preparing students for a reading activity, we can help them become aware of relevant prior knowledge, while we judge whether or not that knowledge is sufficient for comprehension of the text. And that point we will be able to make knowledgeable decisions about reading assignments and instruction and related concepts, (Langer, 1981:153)
Most of students in south Sulawesi find difficulties in comprehending a short story for example to identify the character of the actors and the plot of the short story, so that, learning English needs a good strategy for their students, we must try to think whether our strategy, the teachers should understand what the best strategy is suitable or not because it can give a impact to students. All the point of the object must be understood. This orientation is consistent with Buhler’s (1908) “field theory” of comprehension, which assumes that effective understanding is a function of the relationship between present information and active knowledge, and that effective communication therefore depends on the degree to which listeners and speakers share a common semantic “field”.
In teaching learning process we see that most of the teachers just use conventional teaching in the class, so I think if the teachers use a technique to the students in the teaching reading materials it can increase their reading comprehension because with technique the students can be easy to comprehend than without technique. The technique of teaching reading are very important to influence the students in success reading. A technique can help students in reading so in teaching English a teacher must use technique or methods where can help students to comprehends easy what the teacher teach to them.
A strategy that is Listen-Read-Discuss method is one of strategy can be used by the teacher in teaching. A technique can help students because learning strategy for students more effective than without a technique. Because teching by a technique the students more effective in learning. it is suitrable with that Manzo said that the listen-read-discuss method is one teaching strategy for the teacher and learning strategy for the students more active in comprehending material. (Manzo, 1985) 
Based on the explanation above, the research uses L-R-D strategy to overcome the problems. The researcher is interested in applying this ???????????.


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