vocabulary achievement through mnemonic method


A.       Background
In the globalization and information era, someone will be left behind if she or he doesn’t master one of international languages; the international language namely English language. English as an international language occupies the first position in the world of communication today. This position makes English most widely used all over the world in all aspect of human life. English is a language used in telling our ideas to other persons. We can interact with the other people in the world by the language, and in daily life we use more time to do oral communication. Which enable us to exchange our ideas, feeling, and experience.
English language is a means of international communication, it becomes more important now. Therefore, the government of Indonesia has placed this language in the curriculum not only at the secondary schools, senior high schools, but also at universities or institutes. This is applied to enable Indonesian students to understand English. The goals of teaching English in Indonesian are mainly to enable the students to use English in communication and can read many scientific books which are written in English.
Learning language will never be successful without learning and understanding the vocabulary. Have a good knowledge of vocabulary support student to mastery English. In teaching English, we need pay attention to many aspects. Some of them are: reading, listening, speaking, structure, and vocabulary. But from all aspect, vocabulary is considered as the most important. Wilkins (1978) states that we would accept that vocabulary would be initially less important than grammar while without grammar very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed.) Mukrim (2004) found that the low competence of the students in reading comprehension was influenced by lack of vocabulary. Jumiaty (1998) reports that the main factor faced by students in reading comprehending a text is the lack of vocabulary. Many students cannot read and understand a text which written in English because they do not have a good command of vocabulary, or they doubt to express their idea in English because they have limited vocabulary in their mind.
That is clear, vocabulary is extremely important in learning. Someone can convey his opinion, emotion, wish, and understand whom he speaks to with enough vocabulary.
Vocabulary building is not easy thing to do. We must be optimistic that if try of course we can. Teacher has to make an effort to build their students’ vocabulary since student will have more opportunity to identify the words during the teaching and learning process.
Nothing is learned if it is not remembered. But why do easily remember something, and, despite effort, forget other? Why do we remember every detail of a particular Saturday night party, for instance, while we have trouble remembering theories of learning studied for a test? Storing the words in memory to be longer becomes a big problem for everyone who wants to master a language.
In our daily experience, we considered what we have learned not wholly stored in our memory. In cognitive theory showed that anything we experienced or learned will be Longley stored in memory as well as brain manages it.
Teaching English vocabulary is not easy. May be some of the students like and eager to study, but some others are possibly not. Teachers, in this case have a big role to motivate all of them to have the same perception about the importance of English today.
Based on information from an English teachers, result about the students achievement especially in English vocabulary at SMU Muhammadiyah 7 Makassar at the first grade students in the last semester, that the students’ vocabulary achievement  are still low, where the students value average still got score 5.5 – 5.8 while the standard curriculum is 6.5. It’s happened because the students still lack in use vocabulary. Therefore the researcher wants to solve this problem until the students have a good score and achieve the score 6.5-7.0 and as target in English vocabulary.
By looking at the background above, the researcher tries to teaching vocabulary by using mnemonic method in order to find a useful technique in vocabulary that can improve the students’ vocabulary achievement. So this research entitles, “improving the students’ vocabulary achievement through mnemonic method”.
B.       Problem Statement
In relation to the background above, the writer propose research question as follow:
1. How is the improvement of students’ achievement in terms of noun vocabulary through mnemonic method?
2. How is the improvement of students’ achievement in terms of verb vocabulary through mnemonic method?

C.       Objective of the Study
 The objectives of the research as follows:
1.      To explain the improvement of the students’ achievement in term noun vocabulary through mnemonic method.
2.      To explain the improvement of students’ achievement in term verb vocabulary through mnemonic method?

D.        Significance of the Study
This research will be expected to be useful information for many people in learning process, such as:
1.      For the teachers, this research is expected to give positive results in teaching learning vocabulary.
2.      For the students, this research is expected to increase the students’ vocabulary.
3.      For the researcher, this research is expected to the other researchers who want to conduct more complex research especially in classroom action research.

E.       Scope of the Study
This research focused on the students’ achievement in learning vocabulary by using mnemonic method to the first year students’ of SMA Muhammadiyah 7 Makassar. The scope of this study is restricted to extent in using of mnemonic method that can enrich the students’ vocabulary especially to nouns (words formation) and verb (words formation).so that, the students have capability in English.


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