Improving the students’ Reading Comprehension through Inquiry method

A.       Background
Learning English as a foreign language covers four skill; they are listening, speaking, reading, and writing,. Reading is the process of getting meaning from text. Platt and Platt (1992:306-307) state that reading is perceiving a written text in order to understand its contents. The understanding that result is called reading comprehension. Different types of reading comprehension are often distinguished according to the reader’s purpose in reading and type of reading used.
In reading comprehension, the massage to be imposed in the written form is the most important element that the student must recognize, because the primary purpose of reading is to know the thoughts expressed in the printed material. Therefore, reading with comprehension is only a way for the students to arrive at what they want to know from the reading material. However, the problem is how to make them comprehend.
Reading comprehension is not just reading with a loud voice but reading is established to understand the meaning of the word, sentence, and paragraph sense relationship among ideas as it is (Simanjuntak1988:4). If a student just reads loudly but can’t understand the content of the text, it means that he fails in comprehending passage. When preparing students for a reading activity, we can help them become aware of relevant prior knowledge, while we judge whether or not that knowledge is sufficient for comprehension of the text.
Reading for general comprehension is skill that involves absorbing the content of the text. As the reader, we are not looking for specific points only, but rather than it, we need to get an overall understanding of the text.
Problem mostly occurs to the students when reading book. Sometimes students were facing a book but do not read at all. They just can mansion symbol word without getting any idea from the book. The researchers herself experienced when reading a book without any comprehension tend to feel sleepy.
As the explanation above, the data from observation indicated that the students of SMK MUHAMMADIYAH 1 BONTOALA and also face the same problems. Most of them are not competent to comprehend English text well many students can read the word in passage perfectly but are unable to get the meaning of the words. They can say the words, but unable to gain the meaning from the words. They find hard to comprehend reading materials. So, the students who did not understand what they read. As a result, they could not answer the whole questions correctly. Based on the result of the students’ achievement in reading are still underneath, it is about 5.1 mean score and the target score is 7.0. In this case, the students have to read critically, and the teacher must select the suitable technique or strategy to teach it.
The techniques of teaching reading are very impotent to influence the students in success reading. A technique can help students in reading so in teaching English a teacher must use technique or methods where can help students to comprehends easy what the teacher teach to them.
An appropriate method for teaching English for student is very important because appropriate method determines the result of teaching vocabulary that is improving student’s reading comprehension. To improve the students’ reading comprehension, the researcher uses Inquiry method that provides a constructivist modeling in teaching reading as an implementation to improve the students’ reading comprehension. The model helps students connect the content they are learning to the life context in which that content could be used. Therefore, students may find meaning in the learning process. As they try to attain the learning goals, they draw upon their previous experience and build upon existing knowledge.
According to David L. Haury (1993), Inquiry is any process that has aim of augmenting knowledge, resolving, doubt, or solving problem. Inquiry is a term used broadly to refer to everything from pseudo-experiments where the teacher has the students reify already taught concepts to one in which students have virtually total control.
Based on the information above, the writer would conduct a study on “Improving the students’ Reading Comprehension through Inquiry method at the second year students of SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Bontoala.”
B.     Research Question
Based on the background above, the writer formulates the research question as follow:
How does Inquiry method improve the students literal Comprehension at the second year students of SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Bontoala?
C.    Objective of the research
In relation to the problem statements above, the objective of the study research is to find out:
The use of Inquiry method in improving the literal Reading Comprehension at the second year students of SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Bontoala.
D.    Significance of the research
The result of the study expected to be useful information and method for students and teacher of English in order to have more students’ comprehension in reading through Inquiry method and people who concern about reading comprehension.
E.     Scope of the study
These research focused on the students’ improve in learning reading comprehension through Inquiry method at the second year students of SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Bontoala.
Literal reading comprehension with the indicator the students’ understanding of the word meaning and main idea

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