“Improving Students’ Speaking Ability Through The Use Of Suggestopedia Method

A.    Background
English is one of the human languages in the world that has important role in communication. It has become international language and almost practiced in all part of life, especially in this global era that has full of competition and English becomes one of determiners and assessments of the competition. So that it is important for us to learn the language. It is similar to the statement that English has dispersed and diversified, has been adopted and adapted as an international means of communication by communities all over the globe.
There are four skills that we have already known in English, namely writing, speaking, reading and listening. Later, the skills should be taught better to master and get complete thought about English itself because each skill has general or specific function in communicating. But we cannot deny that speaking is the most important one for asking information and conversely for delivering information, speaking is the direct system of communication.  
Speaking is like the first assessment for each learner who is studying English and each learner has to speak. This statement means an obligation, duty, task, fact, implementation, process, and it can be learning, although we still find some students are speaking little or even passive in the classroom, and it can be caused of many things include the students, the class situation, environment, teaching method, technique, approach or even from the teachers who cannot deliver their material successfully.
In this last century, many linguists and educators give more attention in action research to teach English as a foreign language. According to Stephen Kemmis and Hopkins in book of A Teacher’s Guide to Classroom Research states that action research is a form of self reflective inquiry undertaken by participants in a social (including education) situation in order to improve the rationality and of their own social or educational practices justice, their understanding of these practices, and the situation in which practices are carried out.
The researcher has found similar case in SMA Negeri 2 Bontotiro, Bulukumba, X-2 class where the students cannot say something perfectly in English. They do not know what they must say and how to say, they look very confuse to express the ideas on their mind even not active enough on their speaking class, and it can be seen as the last score of the students that almost do not achieve minimal criteria, 64. According to the teacher’s experiences that the problem relates directly to the teaching method and how the teacher delivers material. There is no specific method to teach English, we are not controlling the class but we are controlled by the class and situation. Speaking is the most important lesson that the students should be mastered, but in fact speaking becomes the most difficult lesson to understand by the students, so that the speaking always becomes passive class in every meeting.   
Based on the fact as previous problem above, then, the researcher emphasized the problem and tried to investigate what idea came in his mind and began to collect his literatures based on the problem, analyzed focus of the problem and appropriate extends that would be needed to be practice driven in this research preparation. His research is about speaking in early production or to the student who will begin to produce their sentences and deliver the idea without worrying any failure; his target is to improve the students’ speaking ability at the X-2 class of SMA Negeri 2 Bontotiro. 
Teaching speaking is an interesting and challenging duty for teacher for some considerations. An EFL teacher is asked to be more creative with flexible lesson planning in teaching this skill, like selecting an appropriate technique, materials, teaching instructions, teaching aids, and time allocation which can help the students in their process to speak the language well.
There are many techniques can be adopted by the teacher in teaching this skill, and one of them is suggestopedia, and it is also recommended by the researcher after considering the case above. Suggestopedia is from the related words suggestion and pedagogy as a set of learning recommendations derived from suggestology. It is one of the best methods pro introduced by an educator, Dr. Georgi Lozanov, and it has been adapted and adopted by many EFL teachers in improving English.  
Lazanov says that by using this method one can teach languages approximately three to five times as quickly as conventional method. However, it is not limited to the learning of languages, but language learning was found to be a process in which one can easily measure how much and how fast something is learned. He was thinking about the English meaning, to suggest = to offer = to propose (but the students are free to choose), they are free to choose how to speak and express their idea.
Based on Dianne Freeman’s study of language teaching method said that suggestopedia is a study that desuggests the limitations that learners have to help them to believe that they could be successful in learning. This will help the learners to overcome the barriers to learning. This study is done so because generally, learners would not be able to believe that they will succeed in gaining the knowledge, which contribute development of high limitations towards learning.
This method will be applied with interesting situation in the classroom, and it consists of introduction, concert, elaboration, production that are oriented through classroom action research, so that the students feel the process of learning directly. Class will be set as situation of English that automatically engaged students to express their ideas easier and free and it  means that a class situation where the whole contents of study include the teacher, the students, class decoration, instructions, material, situation, and others have become unity that relate each other.
Based on the factual information and explanation above, the researcher is interested in conducting a class action research under the title “Improving Students’ Speaking Ability Through The Use Of Suggestopedia Method (A study at the X-2 class students of SMU Negeri 2 Bontotiro, Kabupaten Bulukumba).

B.     Problem Statement
In relation to the issues as process of problem identification, the researcher formulates the research question as follows:
1.      How is the students’ speaking accuracy of X-2 class improved through the use of suggestopedia method?
2.      How is the students’ speaking fluency of X-2 class improved through the use of suggestopedia method?

C.    Objective of the Study
Relating to the problem statement mentioned above, the researcher states that objective of the study are:
1.      To describe the procedure of teaching speaking to the first year of SMU N 2 Bontotiro, Bulukumba by using the suggestopedia method. It shows easy and funny activities in teaching and learning speaking. It has several steps or class actions:
-          Introduction
-          Concert
-          Elaboration
-          Production
2.      Later, this method improves students’ speaking ability of the X-2 class in SMU Negeri 2 Bontotiro, Bulukumba more than other conventional methods.

D.    Significance of the Study
The values of the research are concerned to be useful and revised information for the teachers and especially EFL teachers in senior high school level about the use of suggestopedia method in improving students’ speaking ability. This method can make the students enjoy in language classroom activities with interesting material, comfortable environment, and self confidence. In the future, the researcher expects that the method will be a contributive method to institution, science, and government in Indonesia that has been mentioned in Pancasila and UUD 1945.
E.     Scope of the Study
This research is specified his research to the use of suggestopedia method in improving students’ speaking ability of X-2 class, SMU N 2 Bontotiro, Bulukumba. Improving the students’ speaking ability of X-2 class, SMU N 2 Bontotiro, Kabupaten Bulukumba is specified into the improvement of fluency and accuracy. 


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