“Improving the Students’ Reading Comprehension through K-W-L-H Technique”.

A. Background                                                                 
The objective of English Language Teaching is to develop reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. It is the main purpose in teaching, especially in English skill. Nowadays, the progress of knowledge, science and technology requires us to absorb information. Information is merely the most important aspects in our life. Book, magazine, newspaper, bulletin, internet i.e. are source of information we can get it only through reading. Thus, we must read thousands of books to avoid ourselves from out of date.
There are four skills in English, one of them is reading. Reading is one of the important aspects in learning English, which is taught from elementary levels until university levels of education. Reading is a very important for the learners, when they are undergoing their education. Therefore, reading cannot be consider as isolate subject in our study, both in language and learning other disciplines. Harris (1966) asserts that reading is a complex and a complicated process because it involves the internal and external factors, in which these factors interact in the reading process.
Through reading, the people can improve their own knowledge which ensures the continuing personal growth and adapts the change in the word. Harvey (1998: 2) argues that the purpose or reading in language is to inform ourselves about something we are interested in, or challenge our knowledge on certain matters. In other words, to extend experience of the?????????????


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