Definition of Group Discussion
According to Azian (2006) Group Discussion is a modern method of assessing students personality as well as their  communicative skills, It is both a technique and a comprehensive tool to judge the worthiness of students and their appropriateness for the task
Based on Xin. S & Liming. Y (2005) Group Discussion is a form of collaborative learning, is an old and well received method in language learning and has proved affective in various kinds of skill learning
Simply from the group discussion in terms of definition, group discussion is an technique, an art, where the recruiters do employ this  technique  to  select  students  for  the  jobs,  they  basically  asses  the personality  attributes  of  the  students
Group discussions help to summarize the ideas and information that a group of informants may come to hold as a group, rather than the information held by the individual members. The general idea is that each participant can act to stimulate ideas in the other people present and that by a process of discussion the collective view becomes greater than the sum of the individual parts (Fernie. G 1994)
In addition the group discussion process in which participants in the group present their opinions, argue on an issue, and try to reach a consensus. The dynamics of group discussion depends on the meeting participants’ tendencies to maximize the outcome of the discussion.

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